50 Amazing facts about Pastor E.A Adeboye


  1. Pastor Adeboye was born on March 2nd, 1942.
  2. His full names: Elijah, Sunday, Olagundoye, Adetona, Enoch, Adejare, Adeboye.
  3. The name of his father is Moses Adeboye.
  4. His father was a farmer and a part-time traditional musician.
  5. The name of his mother is Esther Adeboye.
  6. His mother was a trader in locust beans.
  7. He was referred to as ‘’The Tiger’’ when he was younger.
  8. He was born into a humble family in the village of Ifewara, Osun state, located in the South-Western part of Nigeria.
  9. He was admitted into Ilesha Grammar school in 1956.
  10. He was admitted to the University of Nsukka but later had to move to the University of Ibadan.
  11. Upon gaining an admission, he joined the volley-ball team of University Of Nigeria, Nsukka.
  12. He obtained his B.Sc. In Mathematics in 1967 from the University of Ife.
  13. He subsequently obtained his Master’s degree and PhD. in applied Mathematics from the University of Lagos in 1975.
  14. He lectured at the University of Ilorin and University of Lagos.
  15. He had a burning vision to be the youngest Vice Chancellor in Africa.
  16. He married Foluke Adenike (Nee Adeyokunnu) in 1967.
  17. He got married at 25.
  18. He has 4 biological Children.
  19. The life-threatening sickness of his first daughter led him to the Redeemed Christian Church of God in the year 1973.
  20. Pastor Adeboye was born on a Sunday when rain was falling and the sun was shining.
  21. He attended The Anglican Church before joining the RCCG.
  22. He became born again under the preaching of Late Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi (the founder of RCCG) at The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, Ebute Metta on 29th July 1973.
  23. His sold his goat and borrowed money from neighbours in order to pay for his school fees to attend the only missionary school in his village.
  24. He was ordained as a Pastor in 1975.
  25. He started as an interpreter for the founder of RCCG, Rev. Josiah Akindayomi.
  26. At age 18, he borrowed a pair of shoes which he wore to his graduation ceremony in Secondary school where he was awarded with prizes.
  27. In 1977, Adeboye paid 15 years rent to hire a Cocoa warehouse in Ifewara for use as a branch for RCCG.
  28. Pastor Adeboye became the General Overseer of RCCG in January 1981.
  29. Pastor Adeboye’s predecessor and founder of RCCG passed on to glory in November 2, 1980 at the age of 71.
  30. Pastor Adeboye’s modesty made him refuse to be called Reverend or General Superintendent as it was the practice in RCCG, but he later chose to be called General Overseer.
  31. Pastor Adeboye inherited 40 parishes of RCCG in 1981.
  32. Pastor Adeboye has grown the church by God’s grace, to more than 15,000 parishes in more than 100 countries.
  33. The names of his children are Bolu (the only daughter), Dare, Leke and Adeolu.
  34. All Pastor Adeboye’s Children are Pastors
  35. Pastor Adeboye’s son-Leke is his Personal Assistant.
  36. Pastor Adeboye’s son –Dare is the RCCG, Region 8, youth Pastor, Abuja.
  37. His son-Adeolu is the head of Nehemiah team at the Redemption Camp. He is also the MD/CEO of a fashion outfit- Wisemen Apparel.
  38. Pastor Adeboye’s only daughter Bolu Adubi is married to Pastor Akin Adubi and they pastor a church together at Maryland, USA.
  39. Pastor Adeboye established a modern prayer camp in his hometown-Ifewara which he named Mount Carmel Prayer Village.
  40. He started organizing Holy Ghost services in the Mid 80s at the RCCG Headquarters, Ebute Metta.
  41. Adeboye came to international limelight on December 18, 1998 when he hosted the first open air Holy Ghost Congress in Lekki-Lagos.
  42. CNN and BBC reported that, the 1998 Holy Ghost Congress was attended by over 7 million people and made it the largest gathering of people in one spot on earth.
  43. In 1999, Pastor Adeboye’s Holy Ghost Congress had grown to 12 million in attendance.
  44. Holy Ghost Congress moved to Redemption camp permanently in 1999.
  45. Pastor Adeboye’s distinctive wear is pinstriped suit; a gleaming white shirt and a bow tie.
  46. Pastor Adeboye organizes Special Holy Ghost service in March to celebrate God for his birthday.
  47. He organizes the Quarterly Festival of Festival of Life in London, UK and various cities in the US with an average attendance of over 50,000 in the UK and 100,000 in the US respectively.
  48. He established digital cable channels such as Open Heavens TV, Liveway TV and satellite Radio, RTM and Dove TV.
  49. He publishes a daily devotional called Open Heavens annually.
  50. Pastor Adeboye has written over 55 books.

We hope you have learnt greatly from this post. Join us again on Tuesday. God bless you.

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