He alone is the true King,
The heavenly King that rules forever,
Earthly kings die,
Like plants, they rot away and wither,
But our righteous King is eternal,
He lives and reigns, unburdened by time’s limit.

He alone is the living God,
The Sovereign One that never fails,
Man-made gods are powerless,
They have ears and mouths but cannot utter a sound,
Our great God gives life itself,
He showers grace and provides His salvation in the perfect time.

He alone is the caring Father,
The loving Father who satisfies us with all good things,
Earthly fathers can only do their best,
But cannot be compared to our heavenly Dad,
Who we cry to and say “Abba Father” without fear,
And He satisfies our deep longings.

He alone is our fierce Warrior,
The mighty defender who delivers us from harm,
Earthly desperados will tire and hide,
For they are limited by their mortal predilections,
But our very present Help in trouble never retreats,
He fights our battles and calms our storms.

He alone is the perfect Saviour,
The only Saviour who delivers us from sin,
Other saviours are powerless,
Bound by the power of sin themselves,
But our infallible Redeemer has conquered sin and the grave,
And has handed the keys of their conquest to us.


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