Compliments of the season. We, from The Gospel Exposition Blog, wish you a merry Christmas. May the joy of the Lord Jesus fill your heart richly.

Today, as we celebrate our King and Lord whose birth marked the hope of our salvation, let us worship him holy and reverently.
God Almighty, in his sovereignty, thought of creating man in his own image (that is in Christ – Christ is the express image of God. Hebrews 1:3) and make them have dominion over everything he’d created. Gen. 1:26-30) This thought of God produced Adam and Eve, whom God put in the garden of Eden. In the garden was everything they’d ever need, so that they lacked nothing. However, little did Adam and Eve know that the enemy was not happy with what they were enjoying, for they enjoyed the endless divine presence of God and the fellowship with him as a family – this was the very relationship the devil enjoyed before he was thrown down from heaven. The devil came in subtly and deceived man, which led to the Fall of man. From that day on, the devil’s kingdom was established on earth. He now seized the moment to manifest his kingdom on earth contrary to what was in the beginning. The devil took advantage of man’s fall and made manifest destruction on the human spirit. So, man died. No one was excluded. Everyone died, for every man was under this worldly kingdom of which Satan became the head. 1 John 5:19, Rev. 21:9, 1Cor. 4:4.

But God, full of compassion and love, could not leave his creation in the hands of the devil. God made a way. And this very Way was made before the foundation of the earth in Christ. John 3:16, John 14:6. The Christ is not human. He is God. (John 1:1). But because no human could save the human race, nor take away the sin of man of which himself is one, God had to come in form of a man to save man to himself. Needless do we need to think that animal’s blood could ever take away man’s sin. By hierarchy, man is higher than animal, so animal’s blood could never be a perfect sacrifice for man’s salvation. Only a divine sacrifice can restore man to God. That is the reason why God gave his only begotten son to save the world. Hebrews 10:1-10.

Isaiah 9:6 (KJV)
For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

God gave us his Son Jesus Christ to save us from our sins. But not only that, he came so that power could change hands. He came to stop the reign of the devil over everyone who believes in him. The book of Isaiah said the government shall be upon his shoulder, in other words, the kingdom and the reigns shall be his (Christ). He’s come so that there would be a translation from the kingdom of the devil to the kingdom of God. That’s the reason why he was born.

Let us check what his birth means for every single soul that believes in him. To everyone who believes in him he will be:

Before the birth of Christ, so many wonderful things were wrought by the power of God. We read of how Moses’ staff turned to snake, Aaron’s rod budded and the sea parted, to mention but a few. However, in all, God was just showing a tip of what wonder really was. Christ’s birth was a wonder and still remains a wonder. Perhaps, the greatest wonder to believers is that God became man to save man so as to draw man to himself. This is man, who has gone astray, totally away from God. God changed his form, descending so low to redeem mankind. Think of you becoming your pet to redeem it of an impending danger whom nobody but you could averse. Men would rather lose that pet and get another. But God so loved us and could never let us go. Wonderful indeed. Jesus is a wonder. He is God becoming man for the salvation of man.

Christ is both the Saviour and the counselor. You see, he is so caring that after saving us, he gave us his spirit to abide in us. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of the Father and the Son. This spirit is our counsellor. He said he would never leave us as orphans. Are you worried about anything? Just put your trust in him. Come to the way. He will Counsel you in truth.

The mighty God
Jesus is God with man. He is Emmanuel. He is God made manifest as man. He is the mighty God.

The everlasting father
He came as a father. God has ever wanted to have a family in Christ. He’s not just our God. God is God of all creations, but he is also a father to his children -the believers.

The Prince of Peace
In a world turned upside down by the schemes of the devil, Christ Jesus came as peace to the world and the peace of the world. He’s peace to them that believe in him. Do you want to enjoy endless peace in this world, receive him into your life. God has made Christ peace for our troubles, light for our darkness, riches for our poverty, strength for our weakness, ease for our struggles.

Thank you reading. Kindly share with your friends and family.

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