Starting the New Year the Excellent way.

God be praised for the grace and blessing of the new year. It is the Lord’s mercy that brought us safely into the year 2019. His name be praised for evermore. Amen.

Everyone everywhere desires to live a better life. Everyone desires a victorious life. But many fail to see or realize how to go about it. In fact, many of us have had our goals and decisions for the year written in our diary. Well, that’s beautiful. It is a good thing to do. Even God desires the best for us. In His word, He said,

“My thoughts towards you are good, void of evil. They are the thoughts of hope and desired end”. Jeremiah 29:11.

You see, that’s God speaking. And He‘s not a man that he should lie or repent of his words. He means what He says and says what He means. God desires the best for you this year and there is a way to have the best of the year. This is the way of love.

My friend, I will tell you what I mean. You see, God is love. If anyone desires the best in year, he will have to walk in the way of God – the way of love. The best thing you can commit your life to is love. In fact, love is the energy of an healthy and excellent life. Everyone who desires excellence in all life’s department has to walk in love.

When I say love, I do not mean the natural human love. No. That’s not it. I am talking about the love of God – the divine love. This love is the way to a victorious life. Do you want to be victorious this year? Do you want to enjoy the best of the year? I’m sure your answer is yes. That’s good. In fact, that is my desire as well. Which way are we to follow? What are we going to do? As I said earlier, this can only be possible by love.

1 Corinthians 12:31 (AMP)
But earnestly desire and zealously cultivate the greatest and best gifts and graces (the higher gifts and the choicest graces). And yet I will show you a still more excellent way (one that is better by far and the highest of them all – love).
Perhaps you tried to do it on your own in the past years and all you see is failure. Maybe you even got a result but you know within your heart that that was not the best of God for you. Have you been trusting God for healing and good health? Are you trusting God for a better 2019? The answer to all of these is to cultivate and develop the greatest thing, that is, the love of God.

As believers, this love have been shed abroad in our heart by the spirit of God. Romans 5:5. We have it already. It is on our inside. What many believers fail to do is to cultivate it, that is, they refuse to grow in love. Once again, I want to emphasize that when I mention love, I do not mean the natural human love. I am talking about the divine love. The love that never fails. This love is opposed to the natural human love. The natural human love is natural. It is not spiritual at all. It deals with the senses, the environment and circumstances, thus it can fail at any time. The God kind of love is divine and spiritual. It always wins no matter the situation. Nothing beats this love, and if we are to have an excellent year ahead, there is need to walk in divine love. This is the truth to excellence and victory in our lives, homes, work, businesses, ministry, just mention it.

To enjoy peace and breakthrough in life, you need to let the love live. The love of God must be cultivated in your life. You see, you need to let go of the past. The more you hold on to past hurts and hold someone responsible for the failures, the more you prevent the success of today. Why don’t you just forgive your supposed enemy? Why don’t you forget about it? The Amplified Version of 1 Corinthians 13:5 says love takes no account of the evil done to it, that is, it pays no attention to a suffered wrong. Now, that is ridiculous to the natural love. The natural love returns good with good and evil with evil. There will be little or no progress where there is strife. You have to forgive and forget the wrongs to make progress. Only the divine love have this ability. This is the excellent way to enjoy life this year.

In letting go of the past, you also have to forgive yourself. It’s good to forgive others. It is also good to forgive yourself. Everyone has had their share of setbacks or failures in the past year. You don’t need to keep looking at your failures. You don’t need to let it hinder you from facing the reality of this year. You have to learn from it, but don’t dwell on it. Don’t blame yourself too long for the past mistakes. Sit right and face today’s challenges. You might say, but mine is not just a mistake, it is a big sin. Well, that is part of the past failures. Once you’ve prayed to God for forgiveness, believe he has forgiven you. Repent indeed and move on with your life. Don’t allow the devil torment you with guilt and condemnation that will trip you of this year’s blessings. God’s forgiven you. Do well to forgive yourself. God’s love is greater than your sin. You need to understand this to enjoy progress, peace and excellence in this year. Don’t let the devil rob you.

This love that I am talking about is the path to divine health. You see, when your heart is free with everyone, you will live in peace. Even if there are so many adversaries and adversities, because you live in love, God will always make a way for you. He will even make your enemies to be at peace with you. Proverbs 16:7. He said in the book of Exodus that if the Israelites would keep His law, then, sicknesses and diseases shall be far away from them. Exodus 15:26, 23:25. He also gave His numerous assurance and blessings in Leviticus chapter 26, reading through verses 2 to 12. In the New Testament, the law our Lord Jesus asked us to keep is the law of love – the divine love. John 13:34-35, 1 Corinthians 13. When you refuse to let the divine love of God dominate you, it may hinder answered prayers for good health and success. The reason is simple – you have given the accuser a chance in your life. You have to grow in love. You have to manifest that which had been shed abroad in your heart. This truth covers every area of life. Whatever you do, let love come first. Let love take charge. Love can bring you out of your lowly state. Love can supernaturally make a way for you in the wilderness. Love can give you divine connection and protection. Love can give you a meaningful life. Love is the way of peace and good quality (excellent) life. You see, that relationship with you and God, and with your neighbour (your family members, spouse, and everyone around you) that seems not to work will receive life and strength when you understand love. Love always can. Love always win. There’s no impossibility with love. This is because God is love.

Love is the way to effortless yet excellent breakthrough. Let this be your goal in 2019. You’ll marvel at how God will make things turn around for your good. Are you ready? That’s a good decision. You’re on the right track. God bless you. Amen.

Thanks for reading. Hope this blessed you? Kindly share with family and friends.

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