Philippians chapter 4 and verse 4 says the believer should rejoice in the Lord always. As believers, we need not worry over a thing. Worry and depression make victims of men, but joy makes victors and champions of men.
Until you count all things but dung, your joy in the Lord will not be genuine. It is my desire that you receive strength and hope as you read through this piece. May the joy of the Lord be shed abroad your heart through Christ. Amen.


Rejoice evermore
The Bible says
Weeping may endure for a night
But joy comes in the morning

Joy is the pacesetter of our Christian race
We run with full assurance of faith
Tribulations may come to our face
Our hope is in God that never fails

The more of joy you have
The more victories you enjoy over Satan
Don’t sell out your day to depression
Let joy make your day

Fill your house with music
And shouts and praises
Let joy ventilate your spirit
It is a medicine for depression

Joy is the secret of our superiority over Satan
Keep him off with joy
Sing and make melody in your heart
Organize for joy and happiness

Rejoice evermore
Everyday and always
Whatever may come your way
Again I say rejoice

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