Ephesians 1:11, Matthew 7:21.

The best place to be in life is in the center of God’s will. There’s no such better place than this. Everyone desires a better life. Therefore, many decide to leave their country of origin and sojourn in a place completely different from their own. When someone decides to leave a rural settlement for a city, the mindset is that “let me go and live a better life.” The best life one can live is found in the will of God. God’s will is the surest and safest deal. It has been tested and trusted. Every other place on earth is an experiment. What works for one person may not work for the other. But a man that walks according to the will of God will surely not walk in darkness. Believers should not be driven but directed. The spirit of God gives us direction (guide) to know and to do God’s will. When we are faced with myriad of circumstances pressing against us, we should trust in God and not allow the circumstances drive us away from the will of God.

To be at the centre of God’s will require that you do his will. God wants his will to be done on earth. He wants his will to be done in the things he created, for all things are created for his pleasures and will. Doing God’s will is surrendering to God’s principle of life in its entirety. There are principles that governs every kingdom. Even though we are on this earth, God wants us out of the earthly kingdom into his own heavenly kingdom where it will be about his will alone.

Why must you delight in doing his will?

Deliverance from insecurity: When you walk in the will of God, you will have full assurance of faith in his promises of peace and safety. There are no uncertainties when it comes to walking in God’s will. The result is always positive. When others are perplexed, depressed and confused, you will stand out amidst them to declare the faithfulness of God that will never leave his own like a sheep without shepherd.

Compensation for your inadequacy: Anyone that walk in the will of God gets the best from God. When one decides to do things in his own way, he may get good result. One may even have better result than his friends by mere hard work and diligence. However, the best result in life is achieved when one walks in God’s will. Walking in the will of God easily compensates for your inadequacies. Everyone would think that you are without inadequacy when God covers you up by the blessings of obedience to his will.

Rest: Walking in the center of the will of God makes you unshakable. It gives you divine rest, peace, hope and joy.

God is glorified: God is proud of them that delight in his will. Because men are created for his will to be done, the one who walks in God’s will brings glory to his name.

Life can best be described by whether or not it is lived according to the will of God. Make the most of your life. Let your life count. Delight in walking in his will for your life.

Have you been blessed?
Kindly share this with friends and family. God bless you.

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