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The Gospel Exposition Blog is a platform born out of the necessity for spreading the good news of Christ to everyone. We are dedicated to rich exposition and teaching of the scriptures. A precious instruction Jesus gave His disciples before His ascension was a mandate to preach the gospel in their vicinity (Jerusalem), even to the uttermost parts of the world. In this contemporary times, many Christians take this clear-cut instruction with levity. They fail to see this opportunity to spread the fragrance of Christ as a commandment. Rather, their disposition towards this task is nothing short of elective. They see it as an option rather than a final burning and heartfelt request by our glorified Saviour. However, we are here to change that corrupted opinion. We are here to resurrect this great commandment. We are here to burn the blades of this instruction into the lukewarm hearts of men. We are here to proclaim the day of the Lord and declare the word of the Lord with a renewed zest. This we do to glorify the name of the Lord, to the end that His Kingdom is established in our hearts and the world.


A focus on evangelism and exposing men to the knowledge of the word of God.


  • Preaching the undiluted word of Christ which is able to build believers up in the faith.
  • Making use of the social media to spread the Good News of Christ to as many souls as possible.
  • Uploading of seasoned and inspiring articles twice in a week; Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Creating a platform for interaction such that questions and feedback can be gotten from our audience.


We have an array of writers, men and women of God ready to continuously whet our appetite for the word of God and Evangelism. Our writers are God’s generals that understand the task given to us by the Saviour, and they actively profess the message of Christ in their workplace, neighborhood, family and anywhere they find themselves. They, with a genuine understanding of the great light of the word of salvation, brighten every corner they get. These writers will share with us, out of the abundance of God’s words in their hearts, rich expositions to the aim of building men ready to win the world for CHRIST.

Get ready to be blessed. Prepare to be impacted. Prepare to be forever changed by the engrafted word of God.